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Learn about Wild Willow Farm & Education Center!

Did you know that our RCD manages a farm? Wild Willow Farm is an educational, regenerative farm in San Diego’s South Bay.  It is a nurturing space that encourages biocultural diversity, provides experiences to nurture self-empowerment and inspires people to connect to food, the land, and each other. 


Alongside our agricultural production we provide learning tools for students of all ages! We cater to a wide range of skill levels and offer something for everyone. Whether you want to learn about animals, beekeeping, irrigation, or soil fertility we have got you covered! Dive into what we do at the farm and reach out to get involved. 

Field Trips: We welcome schools, groups, and clubs of all kinds to visit the farm to see first-hand how a small working farm operates. This learning opportunity teaches students about compost, seeds, regenerative agriculture, and the roles that animals play on a farm.

Workshops: From beer brewing and plant dyeing to mushroom cultivation and baking with ancient grains, we teach a diverse array of fun and educational workshops. We welcome in educators from all over San Diego to share their crafts with the community. If you are interested in teaching a workshop, please reach out!

Farm School: For those interested in pursuing farming in their own lives, we offer an eight-week course teaching the fundamentals of regenerative agriculture. This class will teach you to understand the ecology of cultivation, food webs, agricultural sustainability and how to generate healthy living soil. Students actively learn and practice farm skills while participating as vital members of the Wild Willow community! This class is taught by our lead educator, Paul Mascka, and will provide you with the framework to develop a well-rounded set of farming skills and the freedom to explore and specialize in your areas of interest.  

Internships: Our 12-week internship program develops interested individuals into budding new farmers! Interns work alongside staff in tending the fields, harvesting and packaging produce, and supporting all other on farm activities. Interns are also able to take farm classes alongside their program to help learn and grow!
CSA (Community Supported Agriculture): Through our weekly CSA program we provide farm-fresh produce using natural, regenerative growing practices that promote high mineral content. This creates a direct relationship between the farmers and you! 

Volunteers: Often the best way to learn is by doing. We welcome volunteers to the farm once a month to get a taste of the myriad of things a farmer does while preparing and growing seasonal plantings of vegetables, greens, medicinal and culinary herbs and cover crops! 

Community Functions & Events: Individuals, clubs, and corporate groups are all welcome to get their hands dirty at the farm. We are available to host group activities and tours for an array of reasons and are always open to something new. The farm is also available to host weddings, meetings, birthday parties and outside workshops.

There is so much more to Wild Willow and we are excited to announce exciting updates through our blog! If you have any questions or want to be more involved please reach out to us! 


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