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Pollinator Education 

The Pollinator Program

In 2022, the Resource Conservation District of Greater San Diego County was awarded a block grant from Monarch Joint Venture. We have been working with three other California RCD’s to engage with local schools to teach about western monarch conservation through classroom visits and habitat restoration projects.

The western monarch’s drastic population decline in recent years calls for an all-hands-on deck effort to prevent its extinction. As part of this effort, the project addresses education, partnership, and habitat goals identified in Monarch Joint Venture’s 2021 Monarch Conservation Implementation Plan.

Program Overview

This free program teaches students about pollinators, what they are, how they are beneficial, and what pollination is. This class will also discuss the insect life cycle and parts of a flower with interactive learning experiences. Instructors will focus specifically on the monarch butterfly and how we can help pollinator populations by creating wildlife- or pollinator-friendly gardens.

The presentation is designed to build student awareness of their environment and the importance that pollinators play in our everyday lives. This is a one-hour program that can be taught virtually or in person depending on teacher preference. It is available for 2nd grade students within San Diego County.

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Pollinator Resources 

Interested in promoting monarch resources but not sure where to start? We would love to help! Please view resources below or call 619-562-0096 to request native milkweed for your backyard.

Pollinator Resources 
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